4&2Impact, an adventure with years of walking, that is reborn at every step!

Any bicycle degrades by the way it is transported, by the friction of the cables, abrasion and impacts caused by rocks and vegetation. These marks don’t restrict the use of bicycles, but they shorten their lifespan and mainly their value.

In 2007, the creator of 4&2Impact, Architect André Cabral, an enthusiast of experimenting with new materials, had this problem at stake – he wanted to protect his bicycle painting. At the time, he realized that no product available in the market served the way he wanted.

It began a long period of investigation and research of materials, technical possibilities, adaptability, resistance, durability, etc. – all key features for the 4&2Impact brand.

The adaptability of the 4&2Impact products is a very important issue for us, and has led us, for example, to measure more than 70 models and sizes of bicycles from leading brands available on the market. This allowed us not only to design universal protection kits, but also to realize that there are products that need specific designs, as for example some cranks and some suspension forks.

The 4&2Impact, created in 2008 and presented as a brand of protection products for bicycles – transparent and abrasion resistant self-adhesive films for the protection of frames and other accessories – was immediately recognized in the Portuguese market and adopted by brand distributors to protect their demo bikes.

In 2014, 4&2Impact enters the Spanish market, and sponsors the Spanish Enduro Open Big Ride between 2014 and 2016.

In 2015, 4&2Impact has the opportunity to make a presence in Unibike Madrid Fair with its own space.

In 2016, 4&2Impact enters the Brazilian market, and the following year in the French market.

The confidence placed in 4&2Impact, both by its customers and distributors, and by other bicycles and accessories distributors, makes us believe in the continuous research and development of new products.

Today, 4&2Impact‘s strategy is to extend this concept of protection, for example by developing rubber mastic tape to protect seat stay, and other products for converting rims (tubeless tapes).

Made by riders for entusiasthic riders who love their bikes!

We protect your bike!